Creative Consultant

Julia’s family is steeped in the record industry together with her brother, a legendary record producer and sister who discovered Guns N Roses & Nirvana. From the age of 18 she worked her way up in record companies in London and LA to becoming Artist Relations Manager at CBS Records working closely with many of the world’s most famous artists including Springsteen & M Jackson.

She left London to join her husband - one of the top rock’n’roll music promoters in the UK, to live in Moseley and then Solihull, but continued to work being solely responsible for media hospitality for M Jackson, Springsteen & U2’s UK tours and then becoming the organiser of The Brit Awards and Aftershow Party which grew to more than 2000 guests during her stewardship.

Having brought up two children in Solihull who both formed successful careers of their own in London and LA, Julia now has her own company Music Majors with the unique Eight O’Clock Rock Chat shows. Additionally she is proud to be a Rotarian, a member of Solihull Police Advisory and helps Solihull Radio as a Director in any way she can,

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